torsdag 25. juli 2013

SUNRISE and SUNSET 24th of july!

I had one wish for this summer, I wanted to see the sunrise one midsummer night! Three weeks of cloudy weather made me almost crazy, but finally my wish came through!
This morning I went out at 03.30 a.m., and I went up to a hill about one kilometer from my home. And the moment of sunrise was  indescribable beautiful! The birds started to sing, and a mild breath of wind stroke my cheeks, a magic moment!

Kl. 04.30
Kl. 04.00 Here she comes!

Kl 04.13

Kl. 04.25

Kl. 04.30

Kl 04.30

And late at night, about 21.45 I could enjoy the sunset as well!
A day without clouds, at last!
Kl. 21.50

Kl. 22.10

Kl. 22.15
On my way back home, I saw the moon rise from
the blue moutains in the distance........

4 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful photographs, magic views:) I am greeting

  2. Hola Lillian bellas imagenes de estos amaneceres.Un abrazo

  3. Thank you very indeed much for your comments, Gunilla, Zielona and Antonio!
    Greetings from Lillian