torsdag 5. juli 2018

Bjørn og rev i Jämtland 2-4 juli 2018

En tur til Renflomarken i Jämtland, Sverige, ga meg anledning til å se meg litt omkring, sidenjeg hadde god tid denne dagen. Trodde jeg, for da jeg kom over 3 revevalper, da gikk tida fort! :-)

torsdag 7. juni 2018

Beavers again... :-)

This time there is a special photoshoot of the beavers! About 3,5 weeks ago they had a territorial fight, and at least 3 of them had very bad injuries. One was put down by the local wild rangers, because of these injuries.
We discovered that another beaver also had almost the same injuries, and we had a chat with a beaver researcher from a University of Agder, South of Norway. He told us to wait, because they might recover well shortly after these injuries. And he was right! I was so happy when I saw this last night, it was incredible how well this one has recovered! He no longer limp on his right forefoot, his lip are no longer swollen, and the open wounds were no longer infected, but had grown well! And fuhr is growing on his skin again!  It's a miracle! :-)

This is how he looked 13th of May........

.....and this is how he looks 3,5 weeks later! It's just amazing!