søndag 16. oktober 2016

Frozen waterfalls and golden times......

Clear blue sky for days, that means cold nights with frozen ground and white hoarfrost. Waterfalls can't avoid falling into the cold grip of the blue degrees eather, and the thickness of ice grow every night.......

But before everything turn white, black, wet and grey, we still are able to enjoy the beautiful colors of the autumn for a while. Up in the mountains, most of the leaves have gone by the wind, so there are now only in the lowlands you still have these fantastic colors. 

mandag 10. oktober 2016

Vinteren er på vei....../Winter is on it's way......

Mens vi fortsatt har varmen fra sola på dagtid, har vi hatt mange netter med frost nå, og i fjellet har både rimfrost og snøfall satt sitt preg på landskapet.

While we still can feel the heat from the sun at daytime, there have been some frosty nights already. In the mountains, on the other hand, both frost and a little snowfall characterizes the landscape.

mandag 3. oktober 2016

Høsten - kontrastenes tid/Autumn - the time with contrasts

Høsten er definitivt den årstiden med de største kontrastene, både med hensyn til farger og vær!
Autumn is definately the time with the gratest contrasts, due to colors and weather conditions!