tirsdag 7. mars 2017

Straumen på Inderøya, en perle for fuglefotografer/Straumen at Inderøya, a pearl to bird photography

The common eider gathering in huge numbers here during winter, and when spring arrives they will be spread all over the coast up to Svalbard. Hopefully they will raise a lot of chicks! :-)

 Common eider, male
 ...and the photographer struggling with the lens, it seems
as the birds will offer me some help! :-D
 "You made it work!" :-)

 Female eider, brown as the seaweed, brown algaes,
where she has her nest......

Young male eider

They have no neck problems, I wish my neck was
a little more flexible......

There were also some other creatures out in the field
this day, an otter was on his way down to the sea.....

 ...and a great cormorant was passing by..........

5 kommentarer:

  1. Hola Lillian,un magnifco reportajes de Eiders,todo un lujo poder ver y fotografiar estas bellas aves,aqui en mi zona no se ven,ademas con fotos de nutria incluidas,que suerte vivir en tu pais,siempre te lo digo.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz semana.

    1. Hola amigo, thank you very much for your nice compliment! Yes I'm very happy living in in this country, we have a great wildlife in our outback, and a great wilderness to play with camera! :-)
      Hugs from Lillian

  2. Som vanlig har du mange fine bilder. Straumen har en unik samling av ender. De er et yndet fotomotiv. Som du skriver har vi et fantastisk land for foto.

    1. Tusen takk! :-) Ja vi er heldige som har et så rikt dyre og fugleliv rundt oss! :-)
      Mvh Lillian