lørdag 10. september 2016

Nidelva og Baklidammen 10.09.2016

Har blitt lite tid i Nidelva denne sommeren, bever i Baklidammen har tatt det meste av tida! :-)
Linerle, måker og ender holder som vanlig til i Nidelva.
Little time are spent in Nidelva this summer, beaver in Baklidammen has been first priority! :-)
White wagtail, seagulls and ducks are common birds in Nidelva.

Autumn colors are also painting the landscape these days.....

 .......and on the ground mushrooms are popping up!

And the beaver is eating as much as he can,
 before the access to fresh food will be
 reduced for the winter season.....

4 kommentarer:

  1. Your photos are all beautiful!

  2. Hola Lillian,magnifica serie de fotos de los primeros dias de otoño en tu zona,por aqui todavia tenemos temperaturas de 40 grados y el otoño no tiene ganas de aparecer.Como siempre tus fotos son para mi de mucha calidad.Un fuerte abrazo amiga y feliz semana.

    1. Hola Antonio, gracias, muchas gracias! So very kind of you! I would like to learn spanish, but a mix will have to do until then! ;-) Have a nice week, amigo! :-)